Welcome to Awakenings

Awakenings is dedicated to providing counselling for Adults, Children and Young People 

Hello and welcome to Awakenings!

My name is Sibell Ali and I am a qualified Humanistic Counsellor, based in Nottingham. Photograph of counsellorMy passion lies in helping people to deal with the challenges they face allowing them to live happier, and fuller lives.  

In my private practice I see adults, children and young people. I have worked as a counsellor within both primary and secondary schools and have worked with young people and adults with mental health issues.

My roles have included working with individual children, adolescents, adults, groups and parents. 

In addition to working as a counsellor for children and young people for a number of years, I have also worked in an advocacy role helping to promote and protect the rights of children and young people.  These roles have allowed me to gain much valuable experience working with children and young people and the type of problems they face today.

I see clients from all types of backgrounds, different cultures and views.  I accept and respect the differences we all bring.