Who can benefit from counselling

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The fact is that all sorts of people engage in counselling and find it beneficial. No matter how old you are or what your situation is, it is possible to discover new ways of ‘being’ and relating to yourself and others (rather than relying on self-destructive coping strategies). This can lead to a happier and more satisfied life which can be crucial to providing the right conditions to allow you to flourish and grow.

Adults and Young People (over 18)

Are you wanting a safe space to explore what is going on for you?  You might be having problems at home, university, work, or with your general mood.  Perhaps there are problems in your relationship or in your past.  Whatever the issue is counselling could help by providing a safe, confidential and caring space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

In addition to supporting you to work through your difficulties, counselling can help you to seek ways to better understand yourself. This can help provide you with the resources to cope better and to work towards a more positive future.

I welcome you to come and talk in confidence in an accepting environment to help you to move forward to a happier and more peaceful place.

Children, Adolescents and Young People (up to 18)

Growing up can be a scary and confusing time for a child or young person, leading to a number of occasions when your child could benefit from counselling.  You might have noticed changes in your child’s behaviour, learning or their sociability.  Whatever your concern might be, talking to a counsellor could really help your child to work through what is troubling them. By feeling heard and supported in a warm environment your child can feel enabled to share what is bothering them. This is often through the medium of play or art, especially with younger children who do not yet have the vocabulary or confidence to express themselves.

For children and younger clients counselling could mean developing the freedom to explore, grow and develop emotionally, socially and academically. Counselling can also help your child to gain new resources to help them to thrive in their environment and to feel happier about themselves.

Support for Families

Some parents have said that they have at times felt helpless when watching their child troubled by something. If you, yourself are feeling at a loss over your situation or feel that you are not coping as well as you would like, it might also be an idea for you to consider talking to a counsellor.  Perhaps, you are reminded of how things were for you growing up and this is affecting how you relate to your own family.  Whatever the problem, I will listen, never judge and instead want to support you to access a healthy and happier stage.