What happens in counselling sessions?

Child's drawing of two alien faces. One is smiling and the other looks surprised.

What will happen in sessions?

In one-to-one sessions with a client (either you or your child) we will start by getting to know each other.  I will always work at a pace that is right for the person I am working with.  I provide art supplies, clay, a sandpit and toys for those who want to get creative (no matter what your age or ability!).

Talking can often be the way that teenagers and adults choose to express themselves and ultimately it is about what works for them in that particular session. There is no right or wrong way to “do” counselling.

Sessions are led by the client but I still may ask some questions to explore what is being communicated, this might be through play or talking, depending on the client’s age or how we are working together.

I regularly gain feedback from the person I am working with to ensure they are getting the most from our sessions.  Clients are encouraged to express their experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Sessions last for 1 hour

What if I feel nervous about counselling?

It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit nervous about counselling but there is no pressure for you to be anything other than yourself.  My role is never to judge you or any behaviours or feelings that you might be experiencing, but to provide an encouraging and safe space where you can explore what is going on for you, at your own pace.

What if I feel uneasy about my child seeing a counsellor?

It is understandable that you might feel worried when you know that your child is troubled by something.  It is important to remember that I am not here to judge you or your child – seeking help might feel difficult but could really make a difference in helping your child to feel better. By your child gaining an understanding about what is going on for them it is possible for them to move past their difficulties.

I am fully qualified and trained to Master Degree level  to work specifically with children and young people.  I always respect the boundaries of the person that I am working with and never push them to engage in anything that they do not wish to.